Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing you to see if (YOUR BUSINESS ) would be interested in sponsoring our website, The website is set up for recreational boating and race boat enthusiasts. At this time, we are offering free boat and boat part/accessories sale listings, forums, listings for drag boat racing events, links, etc. This website has grown very quickly in a short time and is averaging over 300,000 hits per month. We are very passionate about boats and we would like to continue to provide more services for the fans. We are based out of Tulsa, OK.

There are multiple additional opportunities for you to provide sponsorship.

  1. We are partnered with a drag boat racing team, Ain’t Right Racin’. PiSston in the Wind is the name of their 8-second Pro Eliminator Drag Boat.
  2. We are co-hosting a summer event in Okmulgee, OK at the Okmulgee Lake with the Okmulgee Hot Boat Association called the & OHBA Hot Boat Bash. The date for this event is August 13-15, 2010.
  3. We travel to multiple drag boat racing events during the year to sell our merchandise and participate in the racing.

In response to your sponsorship, we would like offer the following:

  • Your logo will be placed on our event t-shirt and event/website banners.
  • Announcements of sponsorship at the event.
  • Your logo placed on the drag boat.
  • An advertisement on our website (
  • If applicable, we would distribute samples of your company merchandise.

Please visit our website to see if this is an opportunity that interests you. We really appreciate you for considering this proposal. You can contact us at 918-693-3825 or email us to know more about the events, our organization, or discuss more details.

Thank you,
Don Gilreath

packages starting at $300.00 a year